Whoever reads this, can consider themselves being very fortunate as they might meet my friend Elena Lisnic. To me Elena is not an ordinary person. She is one of very few people that I know, who will always tell you the truth, no matter what. She speaks her truth in a loving way. Elena is completely non- judgemental. Many times I lost “my path” in the last few years and if it wasn’t for Elenas help I would still be lost. She could have judged me but instead she lovingly guided me towards a better life. Elena has the ability to speak her truth with love and compassion which is very comforting and healing. She never speaks or thinks badly about anyone.

Elena is an amazing healer. She works with pure unconditional love and has cured lots of people. She is very sensitive to energies and knows instantly where peoples energy fields need work. But the greatest gift of Elenas is her ability to heal with her words. She knows exactly how to help people to heal and empower them.

To sit in Elenas presence makes me feel light and joyful. She is a woman of faith and when she talks about the way life works you can feel that it is coming from deep within her. Elena walks her talk. She will only say what she is convinced about and will only teach you what she practises herself.

Meeting Elena has changed my life. She has taught me many things that have helped me to get stronger, more confident, more positive, release my addictions and heal myself. I cannot speak highly enough of Elena.

I love thinking of Elena and all the times we spent together. And I am looking forward to many more good times with her still to come. I will miss Elena greatly (both as a friend and mentor) but I know how much people in Portugal will benefit from her presence and I wish her and her family the greatest life in Portugal imaginable.

 -Susanne Mauritz-

Elena Lisnic

Mobile: 00351 962 005 428 (also on What'sApp)

Email: maosdeluz.terapeuta@gmail.com

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